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The Napa Chamber of Commerce just became proud season ticket holders for Napa’s very own soccer team.

NV 1839 FC will kick off its inaugural semi-pro soccer season on Saturday, March 25 at Memorial Stadium.

Nothing brings a community together like having your very own sports team to root for. We can leave all of our political and social differences at home while bringing families together to support “our team.”

I speak from firsthand experience after witnessing the unparalleled passion of Golden State Warriors fans, who during my 15 years, served as an absolute poster child for dedicated fans.

How else can you explain increasing the team’s season ticket holders from 2,500 up to 13,500 with one playoff appearance and one winning season during that period?

The Warriors’ popularity has risen off the charts with the team’s recent success and many die-hard fans are now being priced out of the arena. That won’t ever happen with minor league sports, which in many ways remains the purest form of sports today.

Right now, the Napa Silverados are just a hope and a dream for local resident Bruce Johnston.

He has a contract in place to join the Pacific Association of Professional Baseball Clubs, but several things need to happen between now and June 30 for this dream to become a reality.

One of the most important things that needs to happen is a show of interest/support from the local business community.

The Silverados could offer some very intriguing marketing opportunities. Anyone interested in getting in on the ground floor of something that could be a really special addition to our community, call Bruce at 707-254-8377.

Congratulations to NCC Board Member Jeri Gill

Thank you to Senator Bill Dodd for his recent public acknowledgement of Napa Chamber of Commerce board member Jeri Gill as County Woman of the Year (3rd Senate District).

I say “public” only because she’s been my personal choice for the award every year since 2014, and that’s as long as I’ve known her.

There’s no need (or space) for me to repeat her resume of community participation and activism in this column, but I would simply like to acknowledge her very generous role as confidant, adviser, support system and friend to many key stakeholders throughout the Valley.

I can’t say enough about how she helped to ease my transition into the Chamber and the community. Thank you Jeri......well deserved.

Join us for a trip to Cape Cod

The Chamber is going to Cape Cod and the Islands for seven days in September. The trip includes round-trip airfare and stops in Boston, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket and Newport.

This trip is open for members and non-members. Please go to for details.

2017 Napa Digital Summit update

Early Bird registration tickets have sold out and only $99 tickets remain. Tickets will be $129 on event day so go to to purchase your tickets today.

Any NCC member renewing between now and Friday will get two free tickets to the digital marketing summit.

Travis Stanley is the president and CEO of the Napa Chamber of Commerce. Call 226-7455 or visit