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Janet Peischel

Janet Peischel

There’s a trend these days toward content minimalism—many website home or landing pages consist of only a few short sentences or paragraphs.

But if you want to showcase your company’s products and highlight your team’s expertise, a few brief paragraphs translates to missed opportunities for both information delivery and search engine optimization (SEO).

These days, people seem to be text-phobic

I frequently find myself Googling for more information and am frustrated by the lack of adequate product information.

If people are ready to spend money for a product, they deserve to easily find detailed information about it.

Longer landing pages promote trust and credibility

Good landing pages that promote your products and services need to have substance—and that means 300-plus words.

Research shows that longer landing pages generate trust and credibility, motivating web visitors to convert once they’ve learned more about you and your company.

The user who scrolls to the bottom where the call-to-action is located is typically a higher-quality lead—that’s the potential client who wants comprehensive information about what you do and how you work with your clients.

How I became a believer in long landing pages

I finished a project a few months ago that made me a believer in longer landing page content.

It was a website for a lighting manufacturers’ representative, and I had to write descriptions of the 90-plus manufacturers with which this company worked. I needed information about each of these companies—did they specialize in lighting fixtures, controls or daylighting?

Were they family-owned, where did they manufacture their products, what were the prices, what was the time to market and what did their customer service ethic look like?

These were the kinds of questions I had that would affect quality, customer service and turnaround time—the kind of questions to which my audience would want answers.

The quality of these 90 sites varied dramatically.

Some were fabulous, with comprehensive portfolios of their national and international lighting projects.

Others were so dismal that I couldn’t extract any useful information and ultimately had to work with our subject-matter expert to help me flesh out the profiles.

This project taught me a valuable lesson about the need to provide adequate product information.

Longer landing pages: increased SEO value

As you increase the likelihood of conversion with longer landing pages, you also increase the SEO value of your website.

Longer pages rank better in search engines. Well-written, high-quality content positions you as an expert.

Think about using quality video that explains your product.

Testimonials are always effective.

Include well-chosen images with alt tags, descriptions and captions.

Use a bulleted list of a product/service’s benefits and a strong call to action.

Leverage internal linking strategies within the pages on your site, which help increase drilldown.

Provide the information that will answer people’s questions

Frontload important information, making it readily available in the first few paragraphs.

Provide a call-to-action higher up on your page instead of burying it at the bottom—convert people while you have their attention.

Janet Peischel is a writer, Internet marketing expert and the owner of Top of Mind Marketing. Contact Janet at 510-292-1843 or