Janet Peischel

Janet Peischel

Marketing is not an exact science. Despite our experience and great instincts, some things just don’t work. We need to be prepared to make adjustments and try something new.

Fortunately, for one of my e-commerce clients, we have data to help us make informed business decisions.

We optimized his website a year ago. We did keyword research, then updated every product description, caption and alt tag field using these keywords.

Google Analytics reports and competitor research helped us decide to rebrand

The data from Google Analytics, the web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic, has helped us make an important business decision to rebrand.

We’re moving away from our current sustainable, organic ethos and stepping up to a more dramatic, sophisticated approach to the way we present our entire product line.

Project plan includes updating website and entire photo inventory

Our project plan includes photo editing our entire inventory and updating our website with a new color palette.

We’ll need to revise our social sites and our MailChimp template to showcase our new focus.

We plan to be more aggressively using our social channels, tracking our efforts and learning from them.

We will be creating personas — our ideal clients — what they look like and how they spend money.

Our project plan includes Facebook advertising, which we’ll manage closely.

We may ultimately reach a completely new audience, including commercial rather than just our current residential clients.

Google Analytics rolled out in 2005 and it keeps getting better

The information that Google Analytics delivers in real time is critical for companies that want to measure the effects of their marketing campaigns.

Our report tells us our visitors are coming mostly from Google, how long they’re staying on each page and what paths they’re taking through the site.

The good news and the bad

  • Our bounce rate is fairly good — less than 50 percent, which means that our users are staying on the website for up to two minutes before “bouncing” off.
  • Users are drilling down through several layers of pages on the site.
  • Despite the growing use of mobile devices, the majority of our visitors are coming from desktop computers.
  • Even with increased traffic, most of our users are new —not return visitors. Not good; we all want to be building a community around our products and services.

Courting returning online shoppers to create community

Shoppers know that we rarely buy on the first pass.

We visit, then look around to see what the competitors are offering.

We may/not return to purchase that original item. But if we like that site, we bookmark it and return. We want to court that shopper.

Google Analytics: A free tool to help track your digital marketing effectiveness

Think of your website as command central.

Social posts, email blasts and other activity should drive users back to your site.

Your website, then, measures the effectiveness of all of your digital campaigns that promote your products/services.

Do you need help using Google Analytics to evaluate your marketing efforts? Let’s talk!

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