Mary Cervantes

Mary Cervantes is a columnist for the Napa Valley Register.

One small but mighty music store that local and out of town musicians make a point of visiting in Napa is Napa Music Supply.

Owned and operated by David and Diane Shipley since October of 2005, Napa Music Supply offers new and on consignment major brands of electric and acoustic guitars and other musical instruments and accessories for the professional and amateur musician of all ages.

“We try to have something for all, whether a $50 ukulele or a $5,000 semi-professional guitar. It’s not always about the sale, but about helping customers find what they need to make their music,” said Diane.

For David and Diane, owning and operating a music store is a labor of love. David has played music since he was a teenager, and owning a music store is a dream come true.

At the start, David helped with repairs while holding down another job and Diane managed the retail side of the business.

Today, Diane handles all aspects of the business from retail to repairs to deliveries, and, like many couples owning a small business, David continues to work outside of the business, but is involved whenever he can be.

Most of all David and Diane enjoy the people and community they serve.

“The Napa area has so many talented musicians. It’s amazing! We get people from all over because we carry major brands in instruments and accessories. We created a quiet area for people to try out the instrument before they make a decision,” said Diane.

“For the musician, it’s more than the instrument itself, it’s about the feel and the sound, especially if you’re purchasing an acoustic guitar. It’s what speaks to you. It becomes a part of you.”

Taking up an instrument can be therapeutic too.

“One time an older gentleman came into the store because his doctor recommended he take up the harmonica. He was having breathing issues and with the harmonica, you blow and draw breath repetitively. The harmonica not only helped him with his breathing, but also gave him something fun to learn,” said Diane.

“Another time a man came into the store after suffering a stroke. He had played the guitar for many years and his doctor suggested he take it up again to help with his hand coordination.”

What brought Diane to the Napa-Sonoma Small Business Development Center (SBDC)?

“We started with the SBDC in 2005 for assistance setting up our business. Everything we researched mentioned the SBDC for assistance with your business. We take advantage of SBDC workshops and NxLeveL helped us develop our social media campaign,” said Diane.

Napa Music Supply is located at 2036 Redwood Road in Napa. Check them out on Facebook or visit napamusicsupply.com.

The Napa-Sonoma Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provides expert no-cost advising and low cost workshops in English and Spanish. Call 707-256-7250 or visit napasonomasbdc.org to make an appointment.

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Mary Cervantes is the business services director for Napa Valley College Napa-Sonoma Small Business Development Center. Reach her at 256-7253 or mcervantes@napavalley.edu