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Being intentional


I’m re-reading the “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey.

It is such a brilliant book and as time has moved us forward since he published it in 1989, the lessons remain salient and important to all of us no matter where we are in life.

They can help us use dispassionate common sense to deal with any psychological difference of opinion.

The first habit of the seven is “being pro-active.”

The premise is that each of us is absolutely responsible for our own happiness and that the way to finding it is simply taking ownership and being pro-active (or intentional) about every decision — every day of our lives.

As I look back on my 45 plus years of business life I can attest to the power of this one habit. No matter how frustrated we become at any event that occurs in our life, if we can process it to make sure that we move through it without becoming lost in the process we are living life intentionally.

This habit is a necessary independent skill that enables us to use the interdependent habits of “win-win,” “seek first to understand, then to be understood,” and finally “synergize.”

Using these habits effectively can move just about any obstacle out of our path to help us reach our goals without stepping on the desires of others.

Our country is clearly divided politically but my heart believes we all want the same thing ultimately.

We want to be FREE, we want to be WHOLE and we want to be LOVED and HEARD. No matter how you slice it, we all really want the same peacefulness to be part of our lives.

My primary goal in life is to help everyone learn the power of caring for each other despite our differences of opinion and to live life in peace.

I firmly believe these habits can start us on a path of collaboration to make this world the peaceful place we all want it to be.

Whether our struggle is spiritual, financial, political, physical or emotional we want to have peace in those things and be able to share our most intimate selves with everyone and know we will not be harmed.

I believe none of us is separate from one another despite our perceived differences.

We all truly want the same things in life. Allowing others to be who they are and live life as they believe they must is a good thing.

We are all the same family – we are connected and cannot be separated despite our differences of opinion. Learning to allow everyone to be who he/she is and love everyone unconditionally is ultimately the key to happiness.

May we learn how to treat each other with kindness and love and make this world the paradise we INTEND it to be.

Randy Martinsen is a brand partner for Nerium International and a mentor of leadership principles for success. He can be reached at 707 206-6443 or

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