Great marketing doesn’t have to cost more than bad marketing!

You can grow your business by following a simple system.

In the past two weeks, I have had several people approach me about how to make marketing work effectively.

I was reminded how frustrating marketing can be for those who have not had the experience of seeing what good marketing does to the bottom line versus marketing that doesn’t increase revenues.

For 16 years, I taught companies the Monopolize Your Marketplace system of marketing, and increased the bottom line of all 196 companies for whom I consulted by an average of 32 in the first year just by changing their marketing to follow the system.

This philosophy has carried over into my Network Marketing business, and I’m finding people who think they have to be a “sales person” with closing skills to sell more – They simply don’t understand how marketing really works.

Marketing’s job is to:

1. Interrupt the consumer with hot buttons that are relevant to a need or desire she or he has.

2. Make a promise that if she or he reads, listens or watches further she or he will get enough information to make the best decision possible.

3. To EDUCATE the consumer and give all the pros and cons for buying what you sell so she or he CAN make the best decision possible.

4. Provide an Offer – a call to action to give the consumer a way to take the next step.

If you set up a campaign that gives pieces of the education information over time, and drip it on John or Jane Smith prospect, he will feel like an absolute fool to buy from anyone but you – regardless of price – when he is ready to buy.

So in marketing, our job is NOT to sell.

It is to EDUCATE and provide offers that invite John or Jane Smith to take the next logical step in the education process until he is ready to buy.

In my marketing consulting days, I offered an 11-hour audio course on all the things I teach – Narrated by Richard Harshaw, one of the founders of the “Monopolize Your Marketplace” system. I paid thousands to license this system and feel the investment was well worth every penny.

This and other systems are available online.

One may help you and your business.

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Randy Martinsen is a brand partner for Nerium International and a mentor of leadership principles for success. He can be reached at 707-206-6443 or randym@budgetworks.net.