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In his book “The Law of Success,” Napoleon Hill spends a great deal of time on the subject of autosuggestion.

Another great book on this topic is “Wishes Fulfilled” by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

It’s a simple concept that first came to my attention when reading “The Secret Science Behind Miracles” by Max Freedom Long — a book that describes how the great Kahunas in Hawaii were able to walk on red hot coals and were effective healers.

The fact is these principles are not limited to a select few, but are available to all of us if we learn them and practice them.

The concept is simple. Our conscious mind creates instructions to our subconscious mind – and the subconscious mind communicates with the collective universal intelligence and opens our conscious mind to be open to the opportunities that are always coming to us to help us reach our goals.

Whatever we accept by our conscious mind as reality is communicated to our subconscious, and we only accept from the universal source of abundance those things that fit our perceived reality. We unconsciously dismiss all other opportunities of abundance because they don’t fit our perceived reality.

Napoleon Hill said, “One of the greatest uses to which you may direct the power of autosuggestion is in having it help accomplish the object of your ‘Definite Chief Aim’ in life.”

He continues:

“The way to do this is very simple.

“Write out a clear, concise statement of what you intend to accomplish as your Definite Chief Aim, covering a period of perhaps the next five years. Make at least two copies of your statement, one to be placed where it can be read several times each day while you work and the other where it can be read several times each evening before you go to sleep, and just after you arise in the morning.

“The suggestive influence of this procedure, impractical though it may seem, will soon impress the object of your Definite Chief Aim on your subconscious mind.

“Within a very short time you will begin to observe events taking place that will lead you nearer and nearer the attainment of that object.

“From the very day that you reach a definite decision in your own mind as to the precise thing, condition, or position in life that you deeply desire, you will observe, if you read books, newspapers, and magazines, that important news items and other data bearing on the object of your Definite Chief Aim will begin to come to your attention.

“You will also observe opportunities beginning to come to you that will, if embraced, lead you nearer and nearer the coveted goal of your desire.”

Another way to think of this is to live as if you have already achieved your goal.

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