I have read hundreds of books and attended hundreds of lectures and presentations over my lifetime to learn about, and implement, personal development.

Every successful person I have met became successful because they have a burning desire to accomplish important milestones they have defined as necessary. I call the reason for self-motivation my “why.”

Statistics show that close to 95 percent of people wander through life with no definite purpose.

They drag themselves out of bed in the morning after hitting the snooze button many times, and wearily push themselves to go to a job where most of them are only moderately happy with what they do and how they are rewarded.

Most feel they are underpaid for their efforts, and look forward to that 5 o’clock bell or the weekend so they can get away from people who don’t appreciate their efforts.

How many times do you hear the term “Thank God it’s Friday” (TGIF) or “Happy Hump Day”? Are you one of these people?

For those who have an entrepreneurial bent, like me, we have a purpose for what we do and are very intentional about the events of every day.

We have a driving purpose for living. Our “why” evolves over time. When I was in my 20s my “why” was earning enough money to pay my college debt, and earning enough to afford to buy my own house. I accomplished this before I was 28.

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In my 30s my “why” changed to upgrading my living conditions and moving to California from Utah, seeking retirement by age 50 and opening a winery of my own.

We planned our retirement and moved to Napa where I began making wine in preparation for opening our winery, and in 2012 I took a position with a Napa Valley winery to learn how the industry works.

By 2014 I was clearly aware that I did NOT want to continue working in the wine industry – it simply did not fit my passion for making good wine, which I continue to do from home.

After leaving the winery business my “why” changed to mentoring other people to learn and implement the skills I have learned to bring success into my life.

I want to help at least 1,000 people reach their “why” and learn to pay it forward and do the same for 1,000 others.

I am out of bed by 6 a.m. most every day to start my routine.

I want my “hour of power,” as Anthony Robbins puts it, before my day begins. That hour consists of 20 minutes reviewing my schedule for the day – which includes specific activities that will bring me one step closer to my “why,” 20 minutes of physical exercise and 20 minutes of reading from a personal development book.

What is your “why”?

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Randy Martinsen is the president/CEO of BudgetWorks Inc., a marketing and business consulting firm, and brand partner for Nerium International. He can be reached at 707-206-6443 or randym@budgetworks.net.