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Do you work part-time, or earn less than $65,000 a year? If so, you might be eligible to fully or partly claim the saver’s credit – a federal tax credit that gives part-time, low-income, and moderate-income workers an extra incentive to make retirement account contributions.

Life is full of big decisions. These decisions may include things like a college major, who to marry or not marry, career options, where to live, or even about rather simple things like where to vacation.

Last year, Forbes reported that parents spent an average of $495 per child for Christmas. That number surprised me and was confirmation that many of us have lost touch with what the holidays are supposed to be.

Napa Valley has taken some hits on the chin over the years, and these fires are posing another challenge. We have been through flooding and earthquakes but, I don’t know if Napa has ever had fires like this.

A few years ago, a University of Chicago professor interviewed a financial columnist via online video chat. After their conversation, the professor wrote on a three-by-five index card what he thought was the best advice he could offer his children.

“Doomsday preppers” are often met with scorn. The zealous way they prepare for the “end of times” makes them seem a little crazy. Then an event like Hurricane Harvey happens and insanity becomes genius.