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The book “The New Retirementality” was given to me several years ago. It was written by Mitch Anthony. It is now in its fourth edition.

In this book, Anthony debunks several myths about retirement that rang true for me.

Myth 1: Age 65 is old.

We all know 65-year-olds who are anything but old. They are healthy. They are vibrant. They are re-inventing themselves with challenging goals and dreams. They are thinking about the next 10, 20 or 30 years.

Myth 2: Retirement means NOT working.

The new retirement reality is that retirement may, in fact, include work. The days of the insanely working up to some magic day and then suddenly retiring “cold turkey” are gone. The “all work or no work” retirement model is a relic.

Myth 3: You have to be at least 62 before you do what you want to do.

Anthony asks the question – “Is your life about making money or is your money about making a life?”

Many potential retirees sought a career paying big bucks rather than choosing a career full of their passion. The old thinking is that you retire away from a hated career to a life full of the things that you love.

Myth 4: Retirement is an economic event.

Retirement is a life event, not an economic event.

Anthony said, ”The problem is that many people are preparing a golden nest egg that will be placed in a dying tree.”

Retirement is about goals, family responsibilities, health and money. Keeping the tree healthy to enjoy the nest egg is the trick.

Myth 5: A life of ease is the ultimate retirement goal.

Anthony said, “A life of total ease is one step from a life of disease.”

There is something invigorating about labor. Being bored leads to being boring.

Myth 6: I can do this by myself.

Anthony makes several analyses to self-help, including health and travel. Certainly, in this day of the Internet, we can become well-informed about our health and travel. However, there are times when we need the insight and experience of an expert.

The nest egg is still vitally important for retirement. Making it as large as possible provides options that may not otherwise be available.

We need to remove the contrived “finish line” associated with retirement.

Anthony asks, “What if there was no finish line? Would anything be different about your ‘retirement’ planning?”

Most of us will be “retired” from our work for more than 25 years.

It is a long time, but consider how quickly the last 25 years passed. Without question, a big part of retirement is about the money, but certainly not most of it.

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