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Maxxed Nutrition: nutritional supplements for all, with a side of good advice

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Maxxed Nutrition, a new nutritional supplements store at 2520 Jefferson St., is gaining a reputation as a trusted resource for athletes and gym goers.

“I can help you lose fat or build muscle after listening to your goals,” said founder and owner Bryson Daniels, a Vintage High School graduate and competitor in the Classic Physique division of open weight bodybuilding.

Daniels, who also played football in high school and community college, said progress begins with eating right.

“The first products I share with customers are multivitamins, fish oil, greens, and Vitamin D. Many people look over the health and longevity products and jump straight to the performance supplements. Avoiding them is like building a house without a foundation,” said Daniels.

Daniels said he also shares information about Maxxed Nutrition’s wide range of protein and whey powders, health supplements, performance supplements, and fresh-made meals from Fit Kitchen, a Sacramento-based meal company.

“Since I opened in July 2020, a number of clients have lost between 40 and 50 pounds or have built muscle. At least once a week, I talk to each person about how it’s coming along. I offer tips about how they can do their best,” said Daniels.

Change takes time

Daniels said Maxxed Nutrition stands out because of how he interacts with customers.

“I offer positive support, feedback, and motivation to help clients stay on track,” said Daniels. Daniels said especially during the pandemic, people can fall off their diet or miss a workout.

“That’s why I call or text, to tell people how to recover and keep going. I share photos that show my progress. I also share photos that show how customers and clients to whom I offer personal training are building strength,” said Daniels.

Daniels said social media is key to growing a customer base.

“With Instagram, people find me at different points on their fitness journey. Sometimes they come in at the start. Other times they’re already competing as a bodybuilder. I start helping customers by offering them if there’s anything they are looking for. I try to see what their fitness goals are so I can lead them on the right path,” said Daniels.

The first two to four weeks is the hardest period of adjustment.

“After that, it keeps getting easier. I offer all kinds of options, gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan, natural, and keto, to tend to everyone’s needs,” said Daniels.

Daniels said the majority of his customers are in the Napa Valley. Instagram helped him establish additional customers throughout the U.S., including New York, South Carolina, and Texas.

“I learned not to be afraid of slow months. If I can make it through the pandemic, slow months don’t mean anything. You just have to keep marketing and helping clients transform,” said Daniels.

Building on experience

Daniels said his interest in fitness began with his love of football and other sports. He was on the offensive line at Vintage High School and played on the school’s tennis team. Daniels played basketball and baseball for fun. After graduation, he played as a defensive end for Solano County Community College. Daniels sustained knee injuries on the team, and now enjoys playing golf and softball on the weekends.

Daniels started his work history with jobs in the restaurant industry and later earned an associate's degree in criminal justice from Napa Valley College. In 2013, he decided to become a bodybuilder.

“I’ve competed in nine shows of the California National Physique Committee (NPC),” the largest amateur bodybuilding organization in the U.S., said Daniels.

“I’ve placed in the top two and nationally qualified in 2018 and 2020 (before the pandemic began). I’m still working toward where I want to be. I take it seriously,” said Daniels.

Between 2014 and 2020, Daniels worked at two different nutritional supplement stores in the East Bay.

“Working in the industry taught me what I needed to start my own store, such as how to help customers and interact with sales reps. In winter 2019, I began looking for locations in Napa,” said Daniels.

Daniels said living in Napa and working out at local gyms helped him get a sense of the local market.

“At first, I was excited to help people take off holiday weight. Since COVID hit, I’ve been looking to help people lose the weight they gained because of staying at home. I also want to help clients strengthen their immune system by maintaining overall health,” said Daniels.

Daniels gained Noel Bito, a Napa resident, as a dedicated customer, before he even opened Maxxed Nutrition.

“I cut Bryson’s hair, so I’ve known him about 10 years. I’ve seen him build muscle and want to do the same myself,” said Bito.

Bito said Daniels advised him that progress could be slow at first. Consistent workouts and pre-planning meals prevent setbacks.

“Now I bring healthy meals to work. I don’t stress about being stuck with fast food for lunch. Bryson has passion and he’s patient. I’ve asked him so many questions. He always answers me honestly,” said Bito.

Katrina Harger, also a Napa resident, said Maxxed Nutrition is the only local store of its kind.

“I am a figure competitor in my third year of women’s bodybuilding. I want to stay lean and work on muscle growth. Bryson has an incredible wealth of knowledge. In addition, he is always friendly and thoughtful,” said Harger.

Harger said Daniels gave her valuable advice about “dosing down” on protein-rich products. This has helped her save money and avoid nausea.

“I’m a personal trainer and a fitness coach, so it’s good to have another professional to turn to. Both of us know not to expect results immediately. Bryson has helped me figure out how to put in the time to train,” said Harger.

Another one of Daniels’ loyal customers is his father, Rick Daniels. Rick Daniels is a retired police officer for the city of Napa. Rick Daniels is also a football coach for Napa High School.

Rick Daniels said his son has taught him to eat small meals five times a day.

“That way my metabolism is always burning. I was reluctant to try it at first. Yet it’s helped me stay in shape,” said Rick Daniels.

Rick Daniels said he is currently helping his son connect with high school players and students so Bryson Daniels can teach them better nutrition habits.

As school sports move toward more familiar schedules, Bryson Daniels hopes to offer nutritional advice to members of Vintage High School’s football team.

“I want to explain what I know about supplements and nutrition so (they) can learn. Then I can show them how to improve their performance so they’re at their best,” said Bryson Daniels.

Bryson Daniels said there are many paths to succeeding in athletics.

“Body type, genetics, and preparation all play a part. The most important thing is to train regularly,” said Daniels.

Daniels added his advice for business owners also involves steady development. Here the idea is to continually personalize services and help customers train well.

“As I check in on customers, I remind them and myself that I can only do so much. It’s up to them to make the real change. That’s what I’m here to support, through both my experience and the products I sell. This is their journey. I am just helping them with it,” said Daniels.

Maxxed Nutrition is located at 2520 Jefferson Street in Napa, (707) 927-3854. 

Watch now: Go inside Maxxed Nutrition, a Napa supplement and nutrition shop. Owner and bodybuilder Bryson Daniels opened the store (located across the street from Napa High School) in 2020.

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