Did you know daffodils symbolize “new beginnings” and white carnations suggest “pure love?”

If you want to go beyond the simple thoughts that flowers can express, The Bloom Equation introduces you to the secret language of flowers.

Owner and founder Miquila “Mika” Romero had the idea after reading a novel by Vanessa Diffenbaugh titled “The Language of Flowers.”

“When I realized this was a real thing, I was fascinated so I quit my teaching job and used Kickstarter to help fund the business,” said Romero, who splits her time between Napa and San Francisco.

According to Romero, in Victorian times, flowers were a popular way of communicating secret messages.

“People would give each other bouquets, and then they would go home and decode the messages with their ‘Language of Flowers’ dictionaries, which were popular in those days,” she said.

“Victorians were kind of prudish, so a lot of the flower messages were kind of racy, and some of them were even mean.”

Romero said people once used flowers much the same way kids use emojis today.

The first thing Romero did was create a website to house a searchable database of all of the “Language of Flowers” meanings that she could find, with each entry numbered.

“My idea was people could use them in an equation form to create a message and then the person receiving them could decode the message,” she said. Hence the name The Bloom Equation.

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“Usually, people have no idea about the Language of Flowers when they call me with an order, so I always start by asking them what the occasion is,” Romero said.

“Because we don’t really do one-off bouquets, I usually end up selling them something like a terrarium or jewelry that has meaning. Most people don’t seem interested in figuring out how to make the combinations themselves,” she said, so once they tell me the occasion and the message they want to send, I do it for them.”

Romero said most of the items she sells involve dried flower arrangements unless she has been hired for a wedding, special event or team-building exercise. For weddings, she incorporates messages into the bridal bouquet and the bridesmaid’s bouquets.

The team-building workshops are a fairly recent addition and proving popular with local firms, Romero said.

“The client will start by choosing the location for the workshop and the creation each team member will walk away with, usually a flower arrangement for their desks or a terrarium,” she said.

“I bring all the materials, set up and clean up afterwards.”

Romero says she will also arrange for a professional photographer to record the event for the company’s website or Facebook page.

“In the workshops, I provide a brief history of the language of flowers and show members how to use it to express their gratitude and appreciation for one another,” Romero said.

“I have never hosted a team building workshop that did not result in an increased feeling of warmth and trust among team members.”

For any of The Bloom Equation products and services, visit bloomequation.com or call 415-484-9884.

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