Inspired by what she calls Napa Valley’s “textured lifestyle,” interior designer Deborah Macdonald aims to replicate a similar level of depth into the spaces she creates as president and owner of her firm Textured Design Napa.

The company name is a new one, representing an evolution that Macdonald describes as organic, from where she began in 2012 when she launched as Napa At Home.

The start of Napa At Home marked Macdonald’s first time working in the world of interior design as a professional, and she began by indulging her love of textiles.

She was aware before she began that as a consumer she was limited in what fabrics she had access to, as opposed to the myriad options from which an interior designer got to choose, and she wanted to change that for herself and others.

“I thought, ‘Surely other people must be frustrated by this, too,’” she said

In an effort to gain access to the beautiful fabrics she wanted, Macdonald headed to High Point, North Carolina, where she attended a textile design show and said she made her first important contacts.

Upon her return and with suppliers in place who would allow her to purchase by the yard rather than the bolt, Macdonald began selling direct to clients through house parties.

“I was inspired by a Longaberger party I had been to,” she said of the sales method. From there, she said, her business just began to grow through word of mouth.

“It’s had a natural evolution. Everything that’s evolved has been organic.”

On March 1, Macdonald officially changed the business name from Napa At Home to Textured Design Napa as she now offers full design services in conjunction with her textile offerings.

She wrote that the name change reflects “the increased breadth and sophistication of the services offered: residential, commercial, and project management.”

She described her aesthetic as warm, elegant, and livable, but said she designs in all kinds of styles.

Macdonald attributes some of her growth to her love of collaboration and credits the referrals from architects, upholsterers, seamstresses, drapery manufacturers, and other artisans in the trade with whom she has worked for helping to build her business.

“I feel like there is a really great space between the architect and owner where I can really add value,” she explained. The designer also noted that she is very solution-driven and that has led her to expand her breadth of services and capabilities in a natural way.

Given the amount of brand equity Macdonald believed she had amassed as Napa At Home, she admitted she was a little nervous to re-brand.

However, she acknowledged that because she was doing more and more in the commercial sector, it was important to have a name that could encompass that. Along with her residential clients, Macdonald’s portfolio holds projects designed for Domaine Carneros, Tank Garage Winery, Silverado Resort and Spa and Milliken Creek Inn & Spa.

The entire rebranding process from the initial concept to the announcement took a full year because, she said, “I really wanted to think about what I wanted to say and what I wanted people to know about me.”

Macdonald described the concept of “textured” as a play on the design element of using texture to create more depth and interest in a space, as well as her own perception of Napa Valley having a very textured lifestyle.

After 25 years as a corporate attorney, most of which was spent in Boston, and several more years running a nonprofit associated with breast cancer, Macdonald said she is now having a ball working in such a creative field.

She took a CAD class (Computer-Aided Design) at Napa Valley college, so she is proficient in the program and able to provide her clients with professional-looking designs of her ideas, and she also said Pinterest has made the design process easier as well.

By compiling a mood board on Pinterest, the designer said she can be much more efficient. “We can really refine what the client likes and doesn’t like. That’s how a concept really comes together.”

With a new brand and a depth of experience she didn’t have just a few years ago, Macdonald is excited for what is yet to come. Despite maintaining and enjoying a strong residential design business, she said she has really loved the commercial projects she’s done and looks forward to more opportunities like that.

Whether working in residential or commercial, however, she said, “The best part is finding new things. I love finding a new product or solution that no one thought of before.”

Deborah Macdonald can be found at TexturedDesignNapa.com as well as in the interior design column she writes for the Napa Valley Register every other Saturday.

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