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Veterans Wall at Tulocay Cemetery

Bill Bacigalupi, left, who helped finance a portion of the new Veterans Wall at Tulocay Cemetery, views a recently installed plaque commemorating the military service of Tom Salsman, longtime Napa businessman, with two of Salsman’s sons, Jeff, center, and Matt. T.J. Salsman photo

Tulocay Cemetery has established a Veterans Wall where deceased soldiers, sailors, airmen, guardsmen and Marines can be honored with a government-issued plaque, said a news release.

Any veteran whose burial or cremation has not been formally recognized for military service can qualify for a wall plaque issued by the Veterans Administration, according to Tulocay Cemetery Manager Peter Manasse. Tulocay will help families acquire a plaque from the Veterans Administration and mount the plaque on the granite wall, he said. The first side wall was financed by longtime Napa businessman Bill Bacigalupi, according to the release.

“The Veterans Wall at Tulocay Cemetery preserves the memory and legacy of those who served,” said Ed Farver, a member of the cemetery’s board of directors whose father, a World War II veteran, is buried at Tulocay. “Tulocay’s long history of service in the Napa area and importance as our community cemetery make it the perfect place to recognize and memorialize all those who selflessly served our country.”

Longtime Napa businessman Tom Salsman, who is buried at Tulocay but did not receive a government-issued plaque as part of his tombstone, is now formally recognized on the Veterans Wall, the release said.

“Tom was always proud of his Navy service in the Aleutian Islands during World War II,” said his widow, Ann Salsman. “This memorial represents a fitting tribute to our loved ones who have served their country.”

Tulocay financed the center wall and donations received from veterans’ families allowed the cemetery to complete a second wall, the release said.

“I thought the cemetery would be the proper place for something like this, where veterans of all eras can have plaques that recognize their service to their community and their country, where families can go and reflect on the memories of their loved ones,” Manasse said.

To help defray the cost of acquiring and mounting the plaques, and to help purchase future side walls, Manasse said, Tulocay is asking for $150 donations for each plaque. If any veteran’s family is unable to donate $150, Tulocay will install the plaque free of charge, he said.

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