Supporting Napa County Foster & Adopted Kids

What: Taste from 30 Wineries & 30 Chocolatiers

Food: Enjoy an appetizer buffet of sandwich bites, charcuteries & savories

Live Radio Broadcast by: Bob St Laurent - Napa’s 99.3 the Vine & 1440 AM KVON

“This is the combination of the regions finest wines, best chocolates, and the desire to support the well-being of children. That is what makes this event so special. Each year, 30+ wineries pour and 30 chocolatiers serve.” said Doris Gentry, Event Chair since 2007.

The Napa County Foster Parents have, for over 50 years, led the way in building awareness, providing education, and inspiring hope to those involved in the effort of preventing child abuse & neglect thus breaking the cycle of violence that occurs from generation to generation.

This major Napa event is the chief funding for the Napa Foster Care Association. The money raised from this event offers kids a chance to be like others. When foster kids return to school from a break, they don’t have stories to share of places they visited or the beach and frisbee. By offering impoverished kids a Ferry trip to San Fran and lunch at Boudin, most would scoff, “We do that several times a year!” Well, foster kids, for the most part, have never been to San Fran, or on a boat, or to the beach and certainly have not eaten at Boudin. This day trip, and others like it, thanks to your support, these single day trips are cherished. Our kids hang on and retell these stories countless times. This year, 2017, we just returned from a 3 day outing to Santa Cruz which included 2 nights in the Holiday Inn, two days of Boardwalk wristbands and fun beyond measure. Many foster children from Napa had never been to the BEACH!

YOUR generosity helps these children. They have lost everything. Family, pets and more. Taking these children on an outing with 200 others from Napa heals in ways we cannot possibly describe. Thank you for helping us!


  • Occurred Sunday, March 24th, 2019 @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm


Doris Gentry

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