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Hi, dear readers.

I’m so delighted about the following:

If you didn’t catch the NV Register’s editorial boards, “Our View: Helping Seniors in our Community,” please take a moment to do so. If, for some reason, you do not subscribe to the Register, I would like for you to have the opportunity to read this very informative editorial written on Nov. 5.

You can find it at this link:

As a senior, it was, indeed, heart-warming to read the exciting news that is happening for seniors in our county. Thank you to the Register’s editorial board, and to their key players for this editorial.

I was curious who the key players were and thought you might be also, so I called around. As an active senior advocate, I was pleased to learn that they are, indeed, “the key players in our county senior services.”

Kris Brown, deputy director, Health and Human Services. Under her umbrella are the following services for seniors: Comprehensive Services for Older Adults; Veteran’s Service, Medi-Cal; In Home Supportive Services; Public Authority; Adult Protective Services; Older Adult Mental Health; Caregiver Ordinance; and the Public Guardian/Public Conservator/Public Administrator.

Celine Regalia, director of operations of Collabria Care (the former Napa Valley Hospice & Adult Day Services). Celine works collaboratively with all program directors to ensure the smooth operation of the agency. Additionally, she oversees the Human Resources, Volunteer Services and Medical Records departments. Celine holds a master’s degree in medical social work, as well as both a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in speech pathology from California State University at San Jose.

Heather Stanton, chairman Napa County Commission on Aging. Past director of Napa Parks & Recreation, past project Manager Flood Control, and long time affiliate with Napa City Government.

We, also have Tara Blakley, with Comprehensive Services for Older Adults, to thank for our exciting new aging and disability resources website," target="_blank">

Kristi Jourdan, communications and public information officer for Napa County. Kristi has proven over and over to be a good friend in helping get the word out concerning senior issues. Thank you, once again, Kristi.

A few highlights of the information that was covered are the following:

As pointed out by “Our View”, our “Napa County is stepping up to improve the delivery of these services, adding resources in the county Health and Human Services department and better coordinating among the local, state, and federal agencies, private companies, and non-profits that constitute our large but traditionally fragmented network of senior-oriented services.”

I’ve written before about the one stop point of contact for senior, families and caretakers that are made possible by Health and Human Services, Area Agency on Aging and Callabria Care. These groups have established a hotline for seniors, families and caregivers to call: (707) 253-4248 or toll-free, (800) 510 2020. Workers from Callabria will be taking the calls, but will be located in the county’s Health and Human Services offices, so they can connect callers to a wide variety of services.

We also have the Napa County network of Aging and Independence, which is the local version of a state-wide senior-serving website project, at

This website answers questions about medications, fall prevention, allow families to search for companies that provide reliable caregiver services, or direct people to ways to report suspected fraud and abuse.

Speaking of reporting fraud and abuse, please do not hesitate to contact Adult Protective Services. They are just a phone call away, and they are there to help you and advise you. Unfortunately, people have the wrong impression about APS. They do not come into your home and move you into assisted care facilities, for instance. You and only you make the decisions. They will help you with advice and suggestions, but you make the decisions. The reason I’m bringing this up is the fact that, people have this idea in their minds and they are giving up this excellent source of assistance. Please help me pass the word. Help is just a phone call away.

Kris Brown will be happy to help you. Call (707)-253-3818, or their 24-hour hotline: (888)-619-6913, or fax: (707)-253-6117

I hope that you all feel as well taken care of as I do, and enjoy the recognition of the importance of taking care of our seniors here in Napa County through the Register’s excellent editorial. Many thanks to our Register’s editorial board: Editor Sean Scully, Publisher Brenda Speth, and public members Cindy Webber, Ed Shenk, Mary Jean Mclaughlin and Chris Hammaker. Thank you all for caring.

I hope you are all getting into the spirit of Thanksgiving. Think of the many things that you have to be thankful for, even for those of you who have suffered a tragedy, try to find something to be thankful for.

Thank you all for joining me today. I am thankful for that. See you next week.

I love hearing from you.