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Good morning, everyone.

Let’s take a little breather between Thanksgiving and Christmas, or Hanukkah, and take stock of how we are doing. Are we in a good place? Of course, you readers who have lost your homes and belongings to the fire, probably not, but we know you’ll get there, and we pray that you are still able to find much to be thankful for.

Every so often, I like to stop everything and take a little mental inventory. How am I doing? Could I do more as an active member of our community? I have the sensation that I’m running as fast as I can, and getting very little of my “Tasks for today” accomplished, in fact, there are always carry-overs from the previous day. I’m working on this. There has to be a way of, finally, finishing a day’s worth of tasks, without carrying over. Other than this frustration, I enjoy an amazing life with dear friends and a totally amazing family.

So, let me share with you the things that are working for me, things that make me wake up happy and ready for the new day. By the way, feel free to share the things that work for you. It’s important that we share what works, and, possibly, what doesn’t work.

We all know how important it is, especially as we get older, to keep moving. My ‘keep moving’ thing is called, Essentrics with Julie, given at 1755 Industrial Way, #22, Napa. I can’t praise it enough. I’m going through a strange time of being careful when I walk, as my balance is not great. Actually, lately I’ve had to ask friends to let me hold their arm while walking. Taking Julie’s class is helping me with the balance thing, as well as making my muscles stronger and my joints more limber. It’s great stuff. Julie also teaches at the Senior Center. I know Julie would love to hear from you,

I have a wonderful osteopathic physician in American Canyon who has alleviated the pain in my back from arthritis through Osteo Manipulative Medicine. I see her every five to six weeks, and I have no body pain. I feel as if I could float after my session with Susan Cislo, DO. In addition to this treatment, she is treating me for better balance and a better memory. So far she has worked miracles on me. I’ll discuss this new treatment in a couple of months. Dr. Susan Cislo is located at Bay Area Osteopathic, Inc., 3431 Broadway Suite A2, American Canyon. 94503-1228, Phone: (707) 731-0921

Those are two things that I know are helping me enjoy my life. In addition, I’ve just recently been attending meditation classes at Rianda House, St. Helena’s Senior Center with Dr. James Keolker, who formerly taught at Spirit Rock. One of the main focuses was on gratitude, and even though, sadly, many have suffered terrible losses from the recent fires, this class helped us to find ways of moving on, finding gratitude for what we do have, and gratitude for our friends and loved ones. We then meditated for 15 minutes. Meditation is a wonderful practice in so many ways. For me, it sweeps all the cobwebs away, clears nice open spaces to breathe into, to find peace, and to get to the core of who you are. I’m looking forward to Dr. Keolker’s Winter Solstice Meditation for seniors on Friday, Dec. 15 at 9:30 at Rianda House. If you are interested, please call (707) 963-8555 for reservations.

Of course, we know to eat nutritious, nourishing meals.

Don’t be a grumpy Gus, and don’t hang around with one, unless you can help him or her. We need good friends about as much as we need to eat nutritious meals and exercise. Life without good friends would be hard to imagine.

Thanks for joining the Corner this morning. Maybe you’d also like to take inventory of your life, the way it is right now. Is it working for you or would you like to change a few things?

I’d love to hear from you.