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Greetings! I just had an amazing night’s sleep…nine hours, uninterrupted sleep and I feel like Super Girl — well, OK, Super Woman. How wonderful to enjoy a good night’s sleep, rare though it is.

Let’s talk about the new Community Conversation Series, 2017, which is doing a program on “Sleep, The Key Element to Your Well-Being.” You’ll want to jot this information down: Tuesday, May 2, 5:30–7 p.m. at Collabria Care, Community Room, 414 South Jefferson St., Napa.

This is a free community event so you’ll want to reserve early to assure your place: 258-9087 ext. 272 or email Plus, refreshments will be served.

The program will be presented by Kal Edwards, a retirement specialist, who founded the forums with an advisory board consisting of health and wellness professional Elizabeth Glenn Bottari; attorney, Naomi Dreskin-Anderson; financial advisor Brian Monske; psychologist, Dr. Marly Perkins and culinary advisor, chef Greg Cole.

The Retirement Renewal Forums began last year with great success. This is the second forum of this year.

A little more about Edwards: You may have read Jennifer Huffman’s Napa Valley Register article,“10 Questions with Kal Edwards, of Retirement Renewal Forums” a couple of weeks ago.

A few of Kal’s comments: “Retirement is a new renewal. That’s our philosophy.” “When you retire, you don’t disappear; you give yourself permission to renew your options.” “Change is always challenging, yet life is about honoring and welcoming change and knowing you can make it happen successfully with the right information and support.”

Edwards also noted “I’ve always wanted to be of help to others as others have been to me.”

It was my pleasure to meet Kal when I volunteered at Copia after it first opened. I was interviewed by Kal, who, at that time, was the community relations advisor to Copia. I learned from Kal that before this position, he had been the professor of life legacy studies at the Fromm Institute at the University of San Francisco.

I wanted you to get to know Kal Edwards, and to understand why he is so excellent at what he does.

Now, let’s get back to the Sleep Program, featuring Michael Mason, M.D., with Family and Geriatric Medicine at Kaiser Permanente.

We will learn, from Dr. Mason, that as we age our sleeping patterns change. We will learn how quality rest leads to good health and longevity, how sleep is a reset for your brain and body, how to get a full night’s rest, solutions for insomnia, snoring and restlessness.

Please join me at the Forum at Collabria Care Community Room and we’ll learn how to renew our relationship with sleep.

Before we close, I’d like to suggest you also save the following dates. I love the idea of meditation, and meditation can, quite often lead to a relaxing night of sleep. I’d like to invite you to join me on May 12 and May 26, for two new mindfulness classes at the Rianda House in St Helena.

The folks at Rianda House are so fortunate to have someone of Dr. James Keolker’s experience teaching seniors the peacefulness and joy of meditation. Keolker is in his third year doing programs at Rianda House. Classes begin at 9:30 a.m. Keolker is a certificated meditation and mindfulness teacher, having been taught by Dr. Jack Kornfield, Mark Coleman and Dr. Anna Douglas. He is a graduate of the Mindfulness Institute of San Francisco.

There is no charge, but Rianda House accepts donations. Call 963-8555 for reservations.

More about James Keolker in the future.

Remember that life is what you make it, truly, so make it a happening. Care about yourself, and when you get yourself all fixed, turn around and care for others. Love is something you want to spread around.

Until next week, stay well.

I love hearing from you.