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Calistoga City Hall

Calistoga City Hall is located at 1232 Washington St.

Workers on Monday started preparing some city streets for pavement repair, which should be complete later this month, officials said.

The “micro-surfacing” project is taking place at various locations in Calistoga, said Mike Kirn, public works director.

“The preliminary work consists of repairing small areas of deteriorated pavement wherein certain areas will be ‘dug-out’ and an asphalt patch approximately two inches thick will be placed prior to placement of the ‘cape seal,’” Kirn said in a statement.

Cape seal is a two-step process that consists of a chip seal followed by a slurry seal. It is a cost-effective treatment that extends the life of pavement and keep it in the “fair” to “good” range of conditions as identified by Caltrans.

Additional pavement work is scheduled for Oct. 11 and 12, and the major cape seal work is set to take place Oct. 16-20. Once the cape seal has cured, new pavement markings and striping will be installed.

There will be some temporary street and driveway closures and parking restrictions where work is being conducted. In advance of the work, the city’s contractor will notify those properties directly affected by street lane closures or parking prohibitions. The contractor is also responsible for coordinating with Upper Valley Waste Disposal to avoid disruptions in garbage collection.

The project is funded by the General Fund and local Gas Tax and has a contract valuation of $797,300.

Additional work that is eligible for SB1 funding, a bill signed by the governor in April to fund basic road maintenance through fuel excise taxes and vehicle registration fees, will start as soon as next week, Kirn said, on Lake Street, a much complained about road in Calistoga, councilmembers have said.

“Every effort will be made to minimize impacts to residents and businesses and we apologize in advance for any inconveniences that do occur,” Kirn said in a statement.

More information including the locations of the work is available on the City’s website at


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