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Betty Rhodes Senior Corner: Help for seniors in the Napa Valley
Senior Corner

Betty Rhodes Senior Corner: Help for seniors in the Napa Valley


Good morning, dear friends. With Thanksgiving already here, let’s spend our morning discussing the wonderful help we seniors receive from various organizations here in our beautiful Napa Valley.

These organizations will be listed in no particular order, as each is amazing in their generosity in helping to see that our seniors in need are being well taken care of.

When we can no longer drive, there is Molly’s Angels, who helps us feel we are not isolated or have to call on family or friends. They provide free door-to-door service to medical and dental appointments in and out of Napa County for seniors who are unable to take public transportation and cannot afford taxi service.

Molly’s Angels also makes friendly calls each week to 65 isolated, lonely seniors that provide warm conversations and a wellness check.

This most welcome service enables seniors to maintain their dignity and continue to live independently, a blessing indeed.

Contact Mollys Angels at: or (707) 224-8885. Location, 433 Soscol Ave. Ste A-100

Of course, it goes without saying that if you are reading this and would like to help by volunteering as a driver or to call to speak with seniors, as well as assisting in the office, distributing flyers, working at fundraising events, setting up and cleaning up, please help by volunteering. See above for contact information.

We are very fortunate to be able to let you know more about the Share the Care program, begun by Yvonne Baginski. The new title is Share the Care Medical and Home Health Supply Exchange Program. Yvonne generously sent us a note clarifying the many services Share the Care offers our valley seniors.

Let’s talk about Yvonne’s Front Porch first. This very generous and caring friend to seniors opens her Front Porch to seniors to drop off or pick up needed supplies for medical and home health needs.

For instance, this week, Yvonne tells us that the following is available: back braces, orthopedic boots and shoes, a transfer poll, bed rails, under pads, a vaporizer, sitz baths and much more, overflowing into her home.

She requests that you not drop off items that are broken, or, “just need a piece, or a little repair” or anything that is dirty or warn out. Yvonne says if you don’t see what you need, call her at 694-5486 or 492-3195 as she might have it in her house.

Walkers, commodes, wheelchairs, and shower chairs are also available at Williams Automotive, 238 Soscol Ave. for lending only, so please return. Williams Automotive is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Ace Hardware in Calistoga also lends equipment.

Yvonne’s Front Porch is at 3205 Montclair Ave., and is open 24/7. “Anything on the Porch is free for the taking,” she says.

Of course, you would only take what you can use.

Yvonne says “The last 12 years have proven that just one person doing this can make a difference. I can only imagine what might happen if an entire community gets involved.” Very good point, Yvonne. If any of our readers have any thoughts on this, please contact Yvonne.

This is just one of the many services Yvonne does for our senior community. She is director of Share the Care Napa Valley and is looking for volunteers to make friendly visits to people who are isolated and home-bound. “The scourge of aging in our community is heartbreaking loneliness,” says Yvonne. “Families moving away, estrangements, death, all takes its toll. As people live into their 90s, they often discover that most of their friends and family are no longer available. Numerous research studies are finding that loneliness can be just as devastating to a body as many critical illnesses or health conditions. This is something we can all work on to make a difference.”

I certainly agree with you, Yvonne.

Yvonne is asking for people who can visit once or twice a week, an hour or two at a time to please volunteer. “There is a waiting list of people needing this type of help,” Yvonne tells us. “We are also looking for people who could give rides, pick up groceries, help with cleaning, organizing, etc.”

You would be performing an invaluable gift for our isolated seniors. Please give Share the Care a call at 492-3198 or email

There are more wonderful services available for seniors here in Napa Valley. We’ll continue next week. I’m very hopeful that many of you will volunteer your time to help make someone’s life so much better.

Thanks to Molly’s Angels and Share the Care for offering these much needed services.

Enjoy your days, and think about helping make lonely senior’s lives so much happier. I promise you that it will make you feel wonderful.

See you soon, and I enjoyed our visit, as always.

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