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Introduction to Portrait Drawing for Beginners & Intermediates is a one-day intensive workshop exploring the proportions of the human head, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday, Jan. 8.

There are general rules of proportion called scaffolding, which will take the guesswork out of how to draw the portrait.

Participants will use these formulas to discover how to draw: The head straight-on; the semi-profile; and the profile. We will discover the importance of understanding light and shadows in order to make form and learn how to create a 3-dimensional object on a 2-dimensional surface and will use 3-D casts to draw from. In this workshop, there will be demonstrations, hand-outs and individual critiques.

Cost is $60.00, drawing materials will be provided. Participants must pre-register to attend on-line at or e-mail

Please bring your lunch with you, we have a fridge & microwave. The class will be held at 1435 N. Oak St, Fairgrounds-Cropp Bldg, Calistoga.

Classical Approach to Portrait Painting is a 2-day intensive workshop exploring the classical approach to portrait painting.

The first day, participants will review the general scaffolding rules of portrait painting with regards to the proportions and measurements of the head, and pay special attention to drawing the portrait with paint in a monotone sketch in order to note the structure, values and form. This will be an excellent introduction to the process as well as a needed review for some.

Determining the value of the subject and also of the background are crucial elements of a readable painting. We will spend at least the first half of the first day noting these crucial elements in a monotone underpainting using burnt umber and gambol only. The second half of the first day will be the “noting of color balance”. We will set the color relationship using “dead” color.

The second day, we will rework the colors so that they are “clean” and sensitive to the form. Special attention will be taken to the “edges and color relationship as it pertains to distance, space, and importance. Demonstrations, handouts and individual critiques will be given.

Cost is $120 which includes the model’s fee. Please bring your own supplies. email for a supply list.

You must pre-register to attend on-line at www.calistogaartcenter.orgor e-mail Classes will be held at 1435 N. Oak St, Fairgrounds-Cropp Bldg, Calistoga.

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