What kind of treasures are lurking in the closets, attics and garages in Calistoga? The town got to find out on Saturday, as crowds browsed through the myriad items on display during the annual City-Wide Yard Sale.

About two dozen residences were officially on the map, making some money and getting rid of items they no longer needed.

That included musical instruments, toys, jewelry, a rabbit hutch, Halloween costumes for dogs, and whole lot more.

“All of this is 100 percent junk, I can guarantee it,” said Jeff Smith, who lives on Berry Street. “I question the sanity of people who buy it. But I can live without it, I’ve got too much stuff.”

Smith has lived in Calistoga for 42 years, and was selling a wide variety of items and was making out pretty good. Last year he said he made $750, and would make more this year.

Items he was selling included a bongo drum, bicycle tires, a machine for washing glasses in the sink, and firefighting paraphernalia including a hat. Smith, and his father before him were firefighters.

An item he wasn’t selling, though someone offered to buy it, included an old fireman’s badge he said is worth about $400.

On South Washington Street, this was Michala Jeberg’s first time participating in the Yard Sale. She was doing great business selling children’s toys and books, of which she had plenty.

“I’m surprised how well I’m doing,” she said.

On the outskirts of town, just off Myrtledale Road, Gail Sakai also had a wide assortment of items for sale including a judge’s gavel, what looked like an assortment of voodoo dolls, a rabbit hutch, and model car kits from the early 1960s and ‘70s, still unopened in the box.

Sakai said she has been doing the sale every year. She bargains with people over the price, but “If they have a lot of passion about it and they can’t afford it, they’ll be going home with it.”

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