Meet Andy Hyman, a local tour guide and author of “Snob Free Wine Tasting Companion,” from 3 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, April 28 at Tedeschi Family Winery at 2779 Grant Ave., Calistoga.

Hyman, who frequently gets five-star ratings on TripAdvisor for his role as a tour guide at Platypus Tours in Napa, will speak about his book, which is subtitled, “Wine Smart in a Day.”

“Snob Free Wine Tasting Companion” jump-starts wine country visitors and locals on topics about wine tasting, winemaking, and the Napa-Sonoma region’s terroir and history.

As a result of leading thousands of wine tasters through more than 400 wineries, Hyman understands what visitors want to know about wine and offers tips to get the most out of a day in wine country.

Prompted by what his guests regularly ask, Hyman added new content about bottling and cork-making to this second edition of the book, published in January.

He demystifies the esoteric vocabulary of the wine world by providing definitions of words such as “tannins,” “fruit forward,” and “reserve,” and explains the purpose of what may look like snobby rituals to a novice, such as swirling red wine in the glass. He also offers myriad wine facts on everything from how oak barrels to wine aging impact taste and quality.

Calistoga Copperfield’s Books will have the book for sale at the event.

The Tedeschi Family Winery is off the beaten path in a residential neighborhood in Calistoga. A visit to this family winery will take visitors back in time to when the Napa Valley was just coming of age, with roads less traveled, where farming is still conducted by hand, and the pride of the Tedeschi family shows in their wines.

“Snob Free Wine Tasting Companion” has won two book awards; The Pinnacle Book Award from the National Association of Book Entrepreneurs (NABE) and Best Book Runner Up from the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association.

The book is available in paperback on the author’s website, at more than 50 winery locations and bookstores in Napa and Sonoma and on Amazon.

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