Brannan Cottage Inn

Brannan Cottage Inn is located at 109 Wappo Ave. in Calistoga. It was established in 1860, and reimagined in 2014. Brannan Cottage Inn is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and received the Sunset Award, 2015 Best Hotel Renovation of the West. Info: brannancottageinn.com.

Brannan Cottage Inn has been approved for an on- and off-sale liquor permit which will also allow the inn to serve a glass of wine to guests upon arrival.

Last August, the city approved a use permit to allow off-sale beer and wine sales in conjunction with a complementary walkaway food and beverage business, Sam’s General Store, within the inn at 109 Wappo Ave.

At a second public hearing in December, the city’s planning commission approved a new use permit allowing on-sale beer and wine sales to guests of the inn only, and off-sale beer and wine sales to customers of the general store.

Subsequently, however, the owner, Carl Dene, learned from California’s Alcohol Beverage Control that in order to also offer wine to guests of the inn upon check-in, another type of license would be required.

A Type 41 license allows guests to purchase beer and wine for consumption in their rooms or to take it off the property. It also allows guests of the inn to receive a glass of wine upon check-in. This type of license does not allow distilled spirits, and is not permission to run a bar. Dene has stated that it is their intent to primarily make bottles of wine available for purchase at the general store on the property.

The inn changed hands about a year ago and has undergone remodeling that included the general store.

Issuance of a Type 41 license is up to the city, which must take into consider several criteria including input from the police department, and proximity to residences, schools and churches. Zach Tusinger, senior city planner said on Tuesday that Police Chief Mitch Celaya has reviewed the application and no adverse issues are expected.

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