Siren testing

Calistoga Fire Department tested a siren in April, 2018, that it was considering for purchase, to be used for multiple emergency situations.

Today at noon, the City of Calistoga will conduct a test of its emergency warning siren to test sound coverage. Technicians will be stationed at Tubbs Lane on one end of town, and Dunaweal Lane on the other to monitor coverage.

This siren is the refurbished siren that used to be located at the fire station. It will be installed on top of Mount Washington, between Brian Arden Winery and Solage Calistoga, off Silverado Trail. It is documented to be able to produce about 113 decibels from 100 feet away.

For the test, the siren will be temporarily mounted on the ground. In the second phase of the project, later this year, it will be to mounted on a 30-foot-tall pole, which should enhance coverage further, according to the public works department.

The frequency of testing has yet to determined, and the city will be coordinating with County Office of Emergency Services.

Earlier this month, the city approved the purchase of three new warning sirens.

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