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Napa County and many of its cities rank high in California for various types of motor vehicle crashes. In this photo, public safety personnel are responding to a crash between a motorcycle and a SUV in Napa in February.

Calistoga is not alone in the Napa Valley for poor collision-related rankings, according to a traffic safety report released recently.

The California Office of Traffic Safety, which collects and analyzes vehicle collision data for cities and counties throughout the state, says American Canyon, Napa County, St. Helena, Calistoga, Yountville and the city of Napa rank in the top 10 for certain categories of accidents.

The rankings, in which a No. 1 is considered the worst for a category, were based on data from 2013, the most recent year available from the Office of Traffic Safety.

Calistoga finished in the top 10 for five categories among 64 cities 2,500-10,000 in population. They were No. 4 for hit-and-runs, No. 5 for composite, No. 7 for collisions involving motorcycles, No. 7 for nighttime accidents, and No. 8 for collisions involving bicyclists under 15.

American Canyon, with 20,000 residents, was ranked No. 2 for hit-and-run accidents among 105 cities of similar size (populations 10,000-25,000).

The second largest city in the valley also ranked No. 4 in speed related accidents, No. 5 for total number injured and killed by collisions (85 in 2013), and No. 8 for accidents involving bicyclists.

Napa County had higher and more top 10 rankings than American Canyon, finishing No. 1 on a per capita basis among California’s 58 counties for auto accidents involving bicyclists under the age of 15.

The county was ranked No. 2 for accidents involving pedestrians age 65 and older, and No. 2 for total number killed and injured in collisions in 2013, with 448.

Other top 10 rankings for Napa County included No. 3 for collisions involving pedestrians, No. 7 for alcohol involved accidents, No. 8 for hit-and-runs, No. 9 for accidents involving bicyclists, and No. 10 for nighttime collisions (9 p.m. to 2:59 a.m.).

Among Upvalley communities, St. Helena stood out in four categories among 64 cities with populations of 2,500 to 10,000.

It was ranked No. 1 in the “composite” category, which is an aggregate of several collision categories (had been drinking 21-34, had been drinking under 21, alcohol involved, hit-and-run, nighttime, and speed collisions).

OTS says the composite category is intended to give an indication of overall traffic safety.

St. Helena ranked No. 2 for collisions involving a drunk driver age 21-34, No. 3 for accidents involving bicyclists under 15, and No. 3 for alcohol involved collisions.

The town of Yountville, ranked in the same category of cities as St. Helena and Calistoga, finished No. 6 for collisions involving drunk drivers under 21, and No. 8 for accidents involving pedestrians 65 and older.

The city of Napa posted one top 10 ranking among 103 cities with 50,000 to 100,000 residents: No. 6 for collisions involving pedestrians 65 and older.

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