Illegal Vacation Rental

An unpermitted vacation rental at 3366 Linda Mesa Way in Browns Valley as seen in Oct. 2016. The owner of the home must now sell the property as part of a settlement with the city of Napa. 

A Napa homeowner who was jailed, fined $204,000 and charged in criminal court because he refused to stop running an unpermitted Browns Valley vacation rental, has come to yet another legal bend in the road.

Ashfin Gooya, also known as Goya “Sean” Sheen, has agreed to pay the city $25,000 to settle what he owes the city in penalties, unpaid taxes, late penalties, attorney fees and interest.

In addition, Gooya must sell his house and move out of the home, which is located at located at 3366 Linda Mesa Way in west Napa.

“I don’t think we have had a case that’s gone through this many twists and turns,” said Napa assistant city attorney David Jones. “I consider this to be a substantial victory for the city and that neighborhood.”

Jones said the city agreed to settle the case “so that we could compel the sale of the house, collect money and protect the neighborhood from further disruption.”

The agreement, signed June 22, comes after Gooya filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in September 2017.

If the city and Gooya hadn’t come to a settlement, the city would have been left trying to collect $204,000 from Gooya’s estate, which has no assets.

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