I remember when I worked on Measure J to protect ag lands and the large out-of-state corporations who are buying up the Napa Valley came out against it with misleading statements on protecting ag, open space, and other misleading statements.

Those arguments were fought over in San Jose, Palo Alto and even in Fairfield. How did those fights work out? This is exactly what is happening with our small valley.

Thank goodness we have folks who saw through the lies with out-of-town corporations, and fought very hard to preserve what we have today with the RUL line, the Ag Preserve.

Once again we have out-of-state corporations trying to mislead us by saying we need to "protect Napa". Measure C is about making sure our woodlands will not be deforested, our streams, our ground water will not be polluted by chemicals, and our habitat will be protected and corporations will be held accountable for any violations.

Please take the time to read both sides and not be misled by out-of-state propaganda in fooling us in believing they want to protect Napa. Vote yes on C.

Vincent Gewalt

Santa Rosa

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