Bridge-itis? Tell me about it. Most days I walk to work looking forward to my few tasks of “putting out fires,” running to the store or of late, working in the gardens. This walk takes me past most of the businesses in Calistoga.

I’m sorry to mention this but many that I walk by have dirt-dusty exteriors, need painting or both. To this add unswept sidewalks, awkward pots of last year’s flowers, or pots of this year’s already dead flowers.

When Carmel Gallery returned to Truckee, they left a few wine barrels in front and potted plants to soften the closed store front. They're all dead now.

I have heard talk that the pear trees lining Lincoln Avenue will have to be pulled out. True? The reason being that the life of this particular pear is short. If so, we should be on it. Until that time or if it is just a rumor, care needs to be given to the trees we have.

All those suckers growing from the base, trash, planted but uncared for flowers. Anyone watering? And didn’t the city power wash the sidewalks a couple of times a year back in the day?

Most of the downtown buildings have good architectural bones. If you own one of these gems, does it have a crude wooden canopy cutting off the front? I used to think the covered walk-ways were charming. Now, not so much. To this the added use of flagstone as a decorative exterior in the ’60s now looks dated. (See former pharmacy building.) We need to talk.

It’s difficult to get the juices flowing when biz is off for whatever reason. However, the bridge will be completed by next summer and the town needs to be ready. Oh yes, hats off to the new Ira Yeager gallery. Clean, simple and cared for. I’m just sayn’.

Rosie Dunsford


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