In order to improve accessibility for large trucks at the PG&E power substation in Calistoga, work started Friday on a retaining wall at the entrance.

The improvements are being made in case the company needs to bring back generators to keep power going in the town, and to make it more easily accessible in case of a power incident, said Jeremy Donahoo, of Donahoo Inc., whose company is widening the entrance to the power station,

The work will be completed before Tuesday, Nov. 20, when high winds and rain are predicted for the area.

On Oct. 14, the entire city of Calistoga was taken off the power grid during a scheduled Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS), as a preemptive measure that proved costly for businesses that lost revenue.

The city complained loudly, and PG&E trucked in and installed large, temporary generators at the substation Nov. 7, to prevent Calistoga from another power outage during a scheduled PSPS.

When asked about the construction of the new retaining wall, PG&E spokesperson Tamar Sarkissian said, “We brought in temporary mobile generation to the City of Calistoga the last time we considered a PSPS, due to its unique layout and configuration. A PSPS event was not called. Presently, we don’t see conditions that might require a PSPS event in the area. And, therefore do not currently anticipate a need for generators at this time.”

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