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Calistogans will get their chance to weigh in on a wide variety of topics by responding to a community survey, to be issued mid-October.

The purpose of the survey is to solicit feedback from residents to identify trends, new concerns, and quality of life issues which can be noted for possible further action by the city, according to staff at Tuesday’s city council meeting.

The goal is to have the survey go live on Tuesday, Oct. 15, and remain open until Nov. 15.

Questions on the survey include demographics on age, income, and household size, and general questions about quality of life, housing, development, education, and recreation.

One caveat is that the quality of data generated by such community surveys relies heavily on a good response rate across the city’s demographics. Therefore, the survey will be widely distributed and conducted primarily online in English and Spanish, with a paper option as well. Residents will be notified of the availability of the survey by postcard in the mail, links on the city’s website, social media and community outreach groups.

The survey will be completely anonymous, and results will be shared with the community at a city council meeting early next year. Cost to the city to conduct the survey is less than $2,000.

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