My husband and I manage Rancho de Calistoga. For those of you who don’t know we are a 55-plus community on the west side of town with 184 residents.

We have been struck with power shutoff after power shutoff. I can say that this last one was a blessing since the winds literally ripped the electric lines down and wrapped them around the poles as well as pulled a pole out of the ground. Had we had live electricity, we may be writing a different story.

But the reason of my letter is to express our dearest appreciation to the Calistoga Police, the Fire Department and UpValley Family Centers. They never left us in the dark. They patrolled and controlled and kept us safe and as sane as we could be in these stressful times. UpValley Family Centers walked door to door distributing blankets donated by the Red Cross. Then when the lights returned we were showered with food donations from Napa Valley Food Bank distributed by the hard working, no nonsense mother and daughter team of CANV (Community Action Napa Valley). They rolled in here with 90 boxes of food to jumpstart residents’ refrigerators. Several residents started delivering and carrying boxes for their neighbors.

We all had a bit of a shell shocked look on our face but we are resilient and we watched over each other. I saw many folks returning to their homes and exchanging hugs all around. Gotta give some brownie points to my husband who refused to leave the property. He may get a little rough and tumble but he has the biggest heart of anyone I know. THANK YOU to all of the helping hands and our thoughts and prayers go out to those who lost their homes or are still displaced.

Mark and Lauren Haugan

Rancho de Calistoga

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