I’m confused.

No matter what side of the impeachment issue you are on, the following legalese, people, words and Breaking News to come led me to create this impeachment alphabet. Maybe it will come in handy for your next argument between friends who are on the Blue or Red team.


A- Attorney Client Privilege, Andrew Johnson, Abuse of Power

B- Bribery, Breaking News

C- Constitution Article 2, Section 4

D- Depositions

E- Exculpatory, Emoluments

F- Fiona Hill, FARA, Foreign Affairs

G- Gordon Sondland

H- High Crimes and Misdemeanors, House Judiciary Committee, Hunter Biden

I- Inquiry, Impeachment, Indictment, Igor Fruman

J- James Comey, Justice Department

K- Kurt Volker

L- Lies, Lev Parnas

M- Mitch McConnell, Mueller Report, Mick Mulvaney

N- Nolo Contendere

O- Obfuscation

P- Pelosi, Perjury, Pieces of the Puzzle, Potus 45

Q- Quid Pro Quo, Quorum

R- Rudy Giuliani, Reconstructed Transcript

S- Schiff, Suborn, Super Majority

T- Treason, Transcript

U- Ukraine, Ulrich Brechbuhl

V- Volodymyr

W- William Jefferson Clinton, WhistleBlower

X- X-File

Y- Yovanovich, Yield

Z- Zelensky

Andy Dolich


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