It has been my privilege to have worked with dedicated members of our community who have made sacrifices and served Calistoga on the City Council, the Planning Commission and other committees and boards. I thank departing Council Member Jim Barnes for his selfless dedication and critical role in our financial oversight while serving Calistoga for the past six years. I welcome arriving Council Member Donald Williams and look forward to his active involvement with our entire community in addressing all matters presented to this council. I thank our very skilled, professional and compassionate staff that works hard every day to improve our quality of life.

My commitment to Calistoga is to: continue to work hard for the benefit of our entire community; to continue to conduct meetings with dignity, compassion and respect; continue to ensure that all are heard; continue to balance the needs and interests of all, understanding that not every decision will satisfy everyone; and commit to making decisions and taking action based upon the best available information for the benefit of the greatest number of Calistogans.  

I ask Calistogans to engage for the betterment of our community. If something concerns you, let us know. Share your ideas as well as your concerns, we certainly don’t have all of the answers and our community could benefit from your input. Please don’t let your engagement be solely from behind a keyboard on a random, faceless, lifeless, anonymous website. You will find your city council and city staff to be very approachable and interested in what our community thinks, needs, and wants. Open and honest dialogue is crucial. Respect for one another’s opinions is essential.

We must continue to strive for inclusion of all groups within our community. We have a diversity of ethnicities, cultures, ages, and opinions that should be acknowledged, embraced and celebrated.

We need to foster conditions for younger people to be able to live, work and raise families here. Future generations need to follow which can be done while continuing to respect and support the older generations that make Calistoga what it is today.

There were Calistogans that came before us and it is our responsibility to ensure that there will be a Calistoga for those that will come after us. Stagnation is not a sustainable situation. Growth is inevitable and must continue to be managed responsibly. Change is not always easy but it is necessary.

Thank you for your continued support and your trust as I enter into my next term as mayor of the best community in the world!

Chris Canning,

Mayor of Calistoga

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