My name is Olivia Glynn, a resident of Mora Avenue. In light of recent news, I wanted to share some thoughts on my perspective as a new resident in Calistoga.

For me, this summer (since we got word of the Illumination Technologies proposal in early July) has been a crash course in learning about topics related to emergency preparedness, fire safety, telecommunications and what it means to move into a town post-fire and natural disaster.

My family moved here from the Bay Area in January of 2018 just right after the Tubbs fire. I feel this gave me a different point-of-view. Everybody here was bonded over stories of how they became victims of the fire, how they overcame, and how/if they can move forward. I've been a spectator, a listener, a supporter. I realize there is so much trauma and fear that lingers after such an event. And when it's collective, felt by so many, it becomes a vulnerable situation and emotions run high. 

The events of the past few weeks have triggered so many questions and concerns regarding topics I didn't know much about (i.e. sirens, fire safety, cell towers, telecom, local politics). There were so many conflicting opinions it was important to get to the facts in order to know how to move forward.

Meeting in person with City Council and officials helped. Reaching out to neighbors, asking a lot of questions helped. And once we gathered facts and information, spreading the word helped. That feeling of being vulnerable and fearful was diffused as more information was made available. Through this process of being active and involved, I eventually became less of a spectator and I finally felt integrated into my new community. 

Citizens should be encouraged (I know I was) knowing efforts by our state, Cal Fire, and PG&E to enhance public safety have been made and as a result we are better prepared compared to two years ago. Information is out there, let's make it more accessible. Our city council is reviewing and hopefully approving permanently installed sirens. This item is on the agenda for the Sept. 3 council meeting and hopefully will be implemented very soon. And if there are any other public safety issues that need to be addressed, let's have an open discussion about it, because people are ready to listen. I have a better appreciation of small town dynamic after this experience and am grateful for calling Calistoga our home.

Olivia Glynn


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