Dear Mayor: Part of your recent letter to the editor ("Mayor's commitment to Calistoga," Dec. 27) seemed directed at our neighborhood. This response addresses the problematic plans to develop the corner of Washington and 4th Streets. Contrary to what some may think, we are not opposed to multiple unit development. We are opposed to overbuilding. The best use of the site still seems to me to be a duplex with a two-car garage for each unit. That would establish a nice transition from busy Washington Street to the quieter ambiance of single family homes on 4th Street.

The fact that R-3 zoning prohibits such a development would not deter you or the other powers that be if a variance was requested and you favored it. If there is any way you can co-ordinate efforts with the builder; the architect; the Planning Department and the Planning Commission to consider a duplex on the site, please do use your notable skills to achieve that goal as the best use of the 4th and Washington site.

Thanks for your dedicated efforts in our behalf. 

Best wishes,

Norine Moses

1419 4th St., Calistoga

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