Remember the meaning of Good Night

Remember the meaning of Good Night


So, we have a power outage.

Like many, I focused on the "inconvenience" the past few days, but as I drove home over the mountain, from Santa Rosa to St. Helena with the wind smacking my cargo van around, felt the same as I did two years ago.

Something funny was in the air -- weirdly warm and definitely dry -- it is happening in upper elevations. It just smells different.

I got home after multiple intersectons-turned-four-way-stops' and made dinner by candle light. As I prepared food in quiet, I thought of how candles are so rarely used these days except in ceremony.

The quiet, the ritual of lighting a candle; how meaningful that this week we are lighting our candles. Tonight, even the beasts are oddly quiet.

It is a time to remember, not for "inconvenience," but for remembering that as we kiss our loved ones good night, that there are families that can no longer kiss their loved ones.

That as we prepare things in our kitchen, there are families that no longer have a kitchen -- or a home. They no longer have the luxury of "inconvenience."

The fires were only two years ago and in our fast paced world with the rebuilding all around, it is easy to just plow forward. Maybe, like me, you remember exactly where you were and what seemed important leading up to that night.

Think about what matters. Tonight, take a moment to remember. Hug your loved ones and remember.

Elizabeth Clough

St. Helena

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