I just wanted to reach out and comment on the letter to the editor from Chris Canning (July 25) and to state my support of Tom and Connie Johnson's letter to the editor (Calistoga does not need cell towers, July 25) regarding the siren/cell tower proposal.

I agree with everything they’ve clearly outlined regarding needing (warning) sirens but this need shouldn’t be coupled with cell towers (not needed). We had a neighborhood meeting with Mayor Chris Canning July 23 to hear his pitch for the proposed project. He was clearly speaking as CEO of Illumination Technologies and though his intentions in wanting to help Calistoga may be sincere, I feel it clearly misses the point. I cannot imagine at any point in time that people have asked for cell towers. Sirens, yes. He might not be breaking any laws and is compliant regarding practices, but there is a moral line that has been crossed that has tainted this proposal in the eyes of many residents here.

What we want are options for the siren system, and this can’t be our only one. If there’s a way to respectfully decline this proposal, I plan on attending the city council meeting to voice my opinion and hopefully others will as well. I know many local Calistoga residents feel the same as we do but may also have lost faith in the system. Or possibly aren’t informed enough, or maybe just don’t know what to do. I just want to make sure people know that they can speak up about this issue and know that they will be heard. 

Olivia Glynn


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