Thank you for your nice article regarding Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch (JARR) and their recent successful WineaPAWlooza event. It’s always wonderful to see our Valley supporting good works for animals. (WineaPAWlooza raises $1M pledge, Aug. 1)

As an original founding board member of Wine Country Animal Lovers (WCAL), I would like to expand on one statement made by Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch representative Brad Schomberg that nonprofit animal welfare organizations in Napa Valley are too underfunded to hire staff. 

With regards to WCAL, we have remained committed to being all-volunteer, not because of a lack of funding but rather to ensure almost every dollar can go directly to help animals by keeping our overhead very low. This model does reduce bandwidth and organizational expansion but has worked well for WCAL and our mission. Even in the absence of paid staff, WCAL has been able help thousands of animals over the past seven years and we have no plans to hire staff.

Pam Ingalls

WCAL Board Member

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