Waves Aquatics Napa Valley

Waves Aquatics Napa Valley swimmers pose during the first day of the Endless Summer Classic meet at the St. Helena High School Aquatic Center on Sept. 21.

Waves Aquatics Napa Valley, a year-round swim team, hosted its annual Endless Summer Classic meet at the St. Helena High School Aquatic Center on Sept. 21-22.

The short course season opener, a popular meet for North Bay area programs, drew 430 swimmers from 26 teams that travel from as far as San Francisco, Oakland and Marin County.

“It is the largest meet the Waves have hosted to date,” said Waves head coach Kevin Twohey. “The Endless Summer theme makes it a fun-filled meet that the swimmers enjoy and look forward to all year.”

The Waves had 78 swimmers ages 5 to 17 participate in the meet.

They included Evangeline Apostolopulos, Sydney Becker, Joe Brawdy, Leila Brown, Maya Brown, Sweder Brown, Tylen Carrasco, Jacob Clark, Sophia Conley, Adeline Cranney, Tori Creaves, Andrew Dillon, Kaden Dreyer, Dylan Fennen, Quincy Frommelt, Karl Gabriel, Ben Gardner, Lauren Hamilton, Aya Hassen, Lainey Heffernan, Lila Heffernan, Katherine Heil, Elijah Heitz, Aaron Heth, Abigail Heun, Jacob Heun, Elise Imhoff, Jacob Imhoff, Reese Ingram, Sander Izzi, Gianni Izzi, Nickolas Klimenko, Rowan Knight, Addy Knox, Anthony Krieter, Eva Leonardini, Jason Longoria, Tyler Longoria, Dyani Lopez, Ari Loring, Emment Loring, Charlotte Maas, Sophia Martorana, Jordon Massey, Carson McClintick, Parker McClintick, Miel McGrath, Aidan Mouriski and Liam Nancarrow.

Also participating for the Waves were Lucas Padowan, Payton Padowan, Shelby Page, Rowan Radke, Tahlia Radke, Albie Rios, Inara Roldan, Killian Roldan, Cassie Saunders, Trinity Schmiegel, Sterling Schwarz, Kolton Smith, Ella Speight, Cora Suhr, Monica Suhr, Myka Suhr, Kyra Taylor, Cade Waddell-Gainer, Beatrix Wagner, Will Walter, Sabrina Wells, Stella Weston, Jackson White, Lilliana Wigington, Jemma Wilcox, Patrick Wilkinson Rigby, Rowan Willen, Isabella Wright and Danika Zivkovic.

The Waves competed in the Orinda Senior Open this past weekend. Their next one is the Napa Valley Swim Meet Nov. 2-3, the Mendocino Meet Nov. 16-17, and the Neptune’s Meet Dec. 13-15.

Visit wavesaquatics.com or email Twohey at kevin@wavesaquatics.com for more information or a swimmer evaluation.

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