American Canyon Eagle

Effective today, Napa Valley Publishing is discontinuing the weekly production of the American Canyon Eagle.

“We started the Eagle during a time when American Canyon was forecast to boom economically and our strategy was to be well entrenched in the community as that boom unfolded,” Publisher Davis Taylor said. “The economic growth did not reach the levels we and many others expected. The point of mentioning this is that our experience with ACE is not a failure of execution but rather a calculated risk that did not pay off as well as we intended it to.”

“We now have the opportunity to reinvest some of our resources in other areas of our business where return on investment meets our standards,” Taylor said.

Despite the end of the printed newspaper, we remain committed to covering the news in American Canyon. We will maintain the Eagle brand online and will handle coverage through the newsroom of the Napa Valley Register.

Anyone with questions or comments may contact Editor and Director of News Content Sean Scully at (707) 256-2246.

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