There is an organization in Napa Valley that does not get recognized often enough and therefore people do not know about them the way they should.

That wonderful group of people is Molly's Angels.

These folks have dedicated themselves to helping their community through its senior citizens.

Let me tell you my story. My husband and I are seniors living in a mobile home park in American Canyon and have varied health issues. His major problem is Alzheimer's dementia and mine is emphysema. We also live on our Social Security checks.

With these problems, neither one of drives any longer. He for obvious reasons and me because with breathing problems I felt it wasn't safe, Now when we had to get to the doctor we had to rely on family members or friends and it was becoming very difficult to not feel like we were imposing. That's when we heard about Molly's Angels. We now have a wonderful person who drives us to and from our appointments and even waits for us if the appointment isn't too long.

Molly's Angels also offers other services. For instance, every week, someone calls me to check and see if everything is going alright and to give me someone to talk to. It was during one of these calls that I mentioned that I cannot use the swamp cooler because of the moist cold air affecting my lungs and that I have a little portable room cooler when it gets really hot.

The woman I spoke to jumped right on this problem and, after my daughter bought me a window room AC unit, Molly's Angels contacted the Volunteer Center and they had someone come out and install the unit in my mobile home for me. They made it a priority for me because of the heat wave we are having.

Now there are two senior citizens in Napa Valley who will be safe from illness due to heat because of this wonderful group.

If you are looking for a charity to donate to (any amount will do), please consider donating to them.

If you live in American Canyon, I happen to know that they are looking for volunteer drivers to take some fun-loving people around to their doctors appointments.

In conclusion I want to send a big shout-out to Fran, Jim and Lane. Thank you for caring.

Patricia Walling

American Canyon

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