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American Canyon voters: Do not sign the petition to stop Watson Ranch Project and Napa Valley Ruins & Gardens.

As you know, the American Canyon City Council voted unanimously, 5-0, to pass the Watson Ranch project on Nov. 6. The vote included the certification of the Environmental Impact Report, adoption of the Specific Plan and approval of the General Plan Amendment for Watson Ranch.

These approvals came after 5 and a half years of intense community meetings with all the affected constituents. Everyone had many opportunities to give their input and have their voice heard. Watson Ranch is supported by the American Canyon City Council and Planning Commission, Senator Bill Dodd, AC Community Parks Foundation, Napa Valley Unified School District, Napa Valley Vine Trail, Napa Valley Transportation Authority plus many other groups and an widely supported by residents of American Canyon.

The petitioners have just over two weeks to gather the signatures, so it is urgent that we get out our message immediately to stop them. They have a head start.

The petition needs 10 percent (approximately 1,100 signatures) of the registered voters of American Canyon to be qualified by the registrar of voters for a special or regular election.

Individuals from out of town are gathering signatures in front of Safeway, Walmart, Starbucks, Drugstores and going to door to door in the neighborhoods.

James Hinton, of the Green Party, and the Sheet Metal Worker’s International Association Local Union No. 104 are the primary sponsors of the petition and the efforts to gather signatures.

To our knowledge, Mr. Hinton has never attended any community or public meeting in the past five years on Watson Ranch.

Many unsuspecting citizens of American Canyon may sign the petition based on the mistruths and misrepresentations of the signature gatherers unless we inform them immediately.

Here is what you can do: Please send a Nextdoor, Facebook or other social media to post immediately using these facts to inform your friends and neighbors. Please spread the message through word of mouth. Talk to everyone and inform them.

Tell them do not sign this petition! It is a trick.

Don’t allow these out-of-town interests to kill the dream of the citizens of American Canyon to have new schools, more parks and open space, increased local jobs, affordable housing, improved traffic and its own gathering place: a new Town Center.

Thank you for your support.

Leon García, Mayor

City of American Canyon

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