Elections are upon us and we have decisions to make. When determining my candidate choice I truly believe actions speak louder than words. That is why Beth Goff not only has my vote for Napa Valley College Board of Trustees to represent American Canyon, she has earned my respect for 17 years of hard work, dedication and commitment she has given to our youth and our community.

Beth began teaching our youth at the American Canyon Middle School in 2001, then transferred to the newly opened American Canyon High School in 2010. If working with our youth as a profession was not enough, Beth has volunteered countless hours serving as coach on a variety of youth sports, as a mentor to our students and new teachers, served as a department chair, union representative, council representative and an advisor to various clubs. She also started the WEB and Link Crew mentoring programs that remain intact in our schools. Prior to her becoming a gifted teacher, Beth developed her business sense while employed in the commercial insurance industry in the positions of senior underwriter, director of operations, and chief operating officer.

Beth has a long history of American Canyon community involvement, a list that is too lengthy to print here. Some of those include serving on the American Canyon Parks and Community Service Commission, a member of the Friends of the Library, and the American Canyon Soroptimist 2018 Club. She is a founding lifetime member of the American Canyon Community & Parks Foundation as well as sitting on the American Canyon Chamber of Commerce board. As a board member of KHOPE International, she works with other board members to put on the annual Reindeer Run to raise funds for ACHS Senior Scholarships and to support a girls school abroad. She is passionate about our youth’s future. She is a leader who leads by example.

Beth has always been an energetic, enthusiastic advocate for our youth and our community. She is knowledgeable of both our community and the education system and would be a valuable asset to the Napa Valley College Board. She embodies the meaning of “put our children first.” Being a high school teacher, she already knows the needs of our high school students and, in Beth’s true fashion, once elected, she will roll up her sleeves and go to work. She is a team player, but will stand firm in representing our community. Beth Goff is truly the real deal. She is already proven and, in my opinion, student and parent approved.

Sindy Biederman

American Canyon

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