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On Nov. 6 this year I will, like many others, be voting in this year’s election. Like many others in American Canyon, I’ll be getting my ballot by mail, and I’ll be filling it out alongside all my exams and assignments for this fall semester.

As a student at Napa Valley College and an American Canyon resident, I want to encourage everyone in our community to vote for candidates who will help support the needs of students to succeed, and that is why I am voting for Mary Ann Mancuso for Napa Valley College Board in District 3 this year.

Mary Ann Mancuso is running for re-election for Napa Valley College Trustee in District 3, a region that encompasses American Canyon, and as a fellow resident and a continuing student at Napa Valley College, I have firsthand experience witnessing Mancuso’s outstanding qualities as a trustee.

I have seen who among the college trustees has shown exemplary leadership. Mancuso not only embodies our values in American Canyon, she has the ability to realize them thanks in large part to the remarkable resources she has at her disposal.

Mary Ann Mancuso provides opportunities to the board and students alike with her extensive experience on the Workforce Investment Board that oversees all of the state employment programs. As a student I know all too well that both myself and my peers need to have every bit of expertise available to succeed in a highly competitive workforce environment.

Mancuso’s background on the Workforce Investment Board provides the resources we need as students to compete in a rapidly changing and innovating workforce environment.

Mary Ann Mancuso has proven her ability to develop critical relationships and most importantly Mancuso has fostered personal relations as both a mentor and a colleague as trustee. As duly noted in her impressive repertoire of local and statewide endorsements, Mancuso has received a number of endorsements from her fellow Napa Valley College Board of Trustees, thus further demonstrating her ability to maintain pertinent relations in a position where group consensus is critical for the well-being of the school and the student population at large.

In addition to this during her time serving on the Board of Trustees Mancuso has developed highly supportive and enriching relations with the students who have and are currently attending Napa Valley College, all of whom greatly appreciate the support she’s given as they themselves are aspiring leaders. As a college board member, Mancuso listens to the perspective that students bring her, not just as a matter of duty but also because she has a genuine concern for student’s issues on campus and in the community she represents.

As a first-generation college student who has often at times been lost in the bureaucracy of college life, Mancuso has always been a solid resource for me to go to. Not once has she dismissed my views and concerns as a DSPS student, nor has she ever judged me or my family for our single-head of household living situation.

This November, I and my family, along with my peers will gladly cast a ballot for Mancuso, so she can continue championing our pathway to student success on the college board.

With all this in mind, it is my sincerest hope that my fellow students and community members of American Canyon join us this election season to vote for one of the most stellar candidates we could possibly have to serve on the Napa Valley College Board of Trustees.

Esperanza Padilla

American Canyon

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