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David Pearson and Joe Lacob

David Pearson, left, talking with Joe Lacob, owner and CEO of the Golden State Warriors at the NVV's 75th Anniversary Annual Meeting, held Jan. 19.

The owner and CEO of the defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors told the Napa Valley Vintners (NVV) at its annual meeting that his top priority is to stay on top of the league.

“How do we sustain excellence?” asked Joe Lacob of the Warriors, the keynote speaker at the meeting on Jan. 17.

He said that because his team has achieved many successes, continuing that momentum is now his top priority.

“I think being a leader is about demonstrating how much you care, and you show that by being present and not overlooking the details,” Lacob said. “Like the NVV, we are all in the relentless pursuit of excellence each and every day. This attitude is imbued throughout the organization, an attitude that each one of us is part of creating and maintaining something great.”

Linda Reiff, NVV president and CEO, reflected on the key milestones and accomplishments of the NVV in the last 75 years as she shared her vision about sustaining excellence.

“How do we keep this going, how do we stay at the top of our game? The answer is the same today as it was 75 years ago. The answer is you. With your leadership and your involvement. Napa Valley vintners do not sit back and let someone else do the work. We do the work, and we do it together,”

NVV chairman of the board David Pearson said, “We have to pass this exceptional place on to our children. There is so much work to be done, but so much to celebrate at the same time.”

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