Napa Valley College Upper Valley Campus, St. Helena

The entrance to the Napa Valley College Upper Valley Campus on College Avenue in St. Helena.

Napa Valley College is offering non-credit classes in St. Helena, along with a Food & Wine Enthusiast Program through the Napa Valley Cooking School and a new Winemakers’ Tasting Group.

For details or registration, go to napavalley.edu.

Spring 2019 non-credit classes

Autobiography writing: If you’ve lived a life, you have a story to tell. This course, for beginning or seasoned writers, gives you the tools as well as the attitude you need to begin shaping stories from the raw material of your life. You will learn how to touch memories and moments, making them come alive through your writing. Jan. 15-May 7 at Upper Valley Campus in St. Helena. No fee.

Basic Computer Skills: Learn basic computer skills and experience what can be done on the computer in a relaxed, no-pressure environment. Explore how computer applications can assist you both professionally and personally. The slow pace of this course assures that you will receive personal, hands-on instruction. This class is intended for the novice user or the user who has very limited experience with computers. Jan. 31-May 2 at Upper Valley Campus in St. Helena. No fee.

Visual Expression: This non-credit class provides older adults with the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the visual arts through the study of various artistic techniques, tools and materials. In addition to hands-on projects, students will also explore the role of art in current and past cultures. Feb. 4-May 13, Feb. 6-May 15, Jan. 25-May 17, or Feb. 5-May 14 at Upper Valley Campus in St. Helena. No fee.

Farm to Table Gardening: This course is an opportunity to take classes in the Upper Valley Campus garden, the educational hub for farm to table cuisine for the Napa Valley Cooking School. Adults will work together to maintain and expand the gardens. Through lecture and hands-on experiential learning, students will explore the fundamentals of small-scale agriculture, ranging from conventional to organic gardening. No previous experience in the natural sciences, horticulture, farming, gardening or other subject areas required. Feb. 21-May 2 at Upper Valley Campus in St. Helena. No fee.

Food & Wine Enthusiast Program

The Napa Valley Cooking School is featuring new classes and new instructors. These hands-on and demonstration culinary classes showcase the abundant produce and other local products of the Napa Valley and are taught by world-renowned chefs in the supportive, low-key environment of the Belle Rhodes Teaching Kitchen in St. Helena.

The Flavor Connection: Building a Food Flavor Library for Wine Pairings with Chef Chris Kennedy Aken: Geared toward the home cook who is looking to spice things up a bit and understand the complex marriage of food and wine pairing, this hands-on class will allow students to take note of aromas, textures and temperatures, and to discuss the effects of salt, fat and acid on food, along with the role these culinary elements play in manipulating our flavors. 6-9 p.m. Monday, Jan. 14, in St. Helena. $90.

Warm and Cozy Winter Soups with Greg Miraglia: Learn how to make the perfect chicken noodle soup, a creamy seafood chowder, Italian tomato soup thickened with bread, and several pureed vegetable soups. 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 26, in St. Helena. $75.

How to Cook the Perfect Steak with Pat Burke: Learn how to select, prepare and serve the perfect steak for every palate. 6-9 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 31, in St. Helena. $100.

Winemakers’ Tasting Group

This new series of wine tasting classes led by winemaker and enology professor Bryan Avila is intended for winemakers and technical wine tasters looking to avoid the dreaded “House Palate.” This advanced tasting forum is geared to refine and maintain sensory analytical skills among vintners, winemakers, wine enthusiasts and technical staff in a judgment-free environment. Focusing on flavor development through vinification technique, tasters will share notes on 8-10 wines of varying topics. Sign up for the series or specific single-class meetings. Feb. 9, March 9 and April 13, at Upper Valley Campus in St. Helena. $50 per class or $150 for all three.

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