Gott’s Roadside has released its new seasonal specialties: Watermelon Wedge, Mexican Street Corn and a BBQ Brisket Sandwich, giving us new reasons to wish for eternal summer.

It is as if they’ve created the perfect barbecue party for the community and their friends to attend. Everyone will walk away talking about the tastes and textures of these new items.

The Watermelon Wedge’s fruity and juicy pulp is sprinkled with fresh aromatic mint, a touch of cracked pepper and a drizzle of olive oil, but it’s the salty bites of feta cheese that give each crunch the delicious yin-yang of savory and sweet fruitiness.

The Mexican Street Corn, on first sight, looks sinful — lightly brushed with mayonnaise and topped with generous amounts of Cotija cheese (named after a Mexican town). But once you dive in, you find the sweet, juicy corn is perfectly balanced by this savory richness. Asado spice adds delicious intrigue, and lime wedges provide a great tang that brings all of these flavors together under its citrusy spell.

The piece de resistance is the BBQ Brisket Sandwich with celery slaw and pickled onions on an impossibly fluffy egg bun. The tender, shredded beef is slow-cooked with a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce. The celery slaw and egg bun bookend these flavors with the perfect combination of crunch and fresh-bread-softness. Pickled onions add their own bright tangy taste to the soft, tender beef.

Coming with a group with a range of palates? These Gott’s choices are some of the best-sellers on the menu:

The California Burger is Disney for the palate: Smoky, savory beef and bacon meet the perfect touch of creaminess from the runny yoke of an over-easy egg and Cowgirl Creamery cheese with just the right mix of spicy green freshness from arugula – all given a touch of sweetness from the caramelized balsamic onions.

Ahi Poke serves up just-out-of-the-sea sushi-grade tuna with slices of thick, ripe avocado, a spicy chipotle mayonnaise, and a crunchy slaw.

Side dishes are a must at Gott’s, and customer-favorite Sweet Potato Fries will make you a fan, no matter what you think of the sweet potato. Crispy and tasty, it’s hard to stop dipping these in the house-made ranch sauce.

But onion rings are a must, if only to celebrate the fact that they have their own day on the American calendar. While June 22 (National Onion Ring Day) has passed, that has never stopped us from continuing to celebrate worthy causes. These onion rings are beer-battered with a crisp coating leading to soft, succulent onions inside.

Dave Woolsey, general manager of Gott’s at Oxbow in Napa, explains that the seasonal specialties are available in both the Oxbow and St. Helena locations. See you there, right?

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