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Autumn Anderson was appointed to the St. Helena Planning Commission on Tuesday.

The City Council appointed Anderson after interviewing her and the other applicant for the seat, Rich Walloch.

Anderson is senior marketing manager at Elizabeth Spencer Winery and a Napa Valley native who’s lived in St. Helena since 2005. She currently serves on the Parks and Recreation Commission, but she said she will resign now that she's been appointed to the Planning Commission.

She will fill the seat vacated by former Planning Commissioner David Knudsen, who was appointed to the City Council in January. The term expires June 30, 2020.

During her interview with the council, Anderson talked about “preserving the integrity of the community for future generations,” upholding the standards set by the General Plan, and diversifying Main Street businesses to make them more appealing to locals.

She said she’s looking forward to seeing the new General Plan approved and aligning the Municipal Code with the plan’s policies.

“Raising a family in St. Helena has made me want to get a little more involved, a little more vested in the future of the city,” she told the council. “I think the Planning Commission right now is in a good position to bring about positive change.”

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