A stream of well-wishers visited Main Street Books on Saturday, the store’s last day in business.

Longtime customer Trisha Valenzuela said she’d announced on Facebook that she was going to do something nice for owner Liza Russ on her last day. She urged others to do the same. Her post got more than 100 responses.

“Liza’s a valued family member here in St. Helena,” Valenzuela said.

Carolyn Sanders said Russ donated two boxes of children’s books to the St. Helena Elementary School library and the reading intervention program.

When Sanders visited the store on Saturday, she saw a family she knew. When they’d bought their books and were on their way out, a young boy noticed a book called “Stone Fox” and said it looked good.

“The mom had already made her purchase and they were walking out the door, but Liza slipped the book into a bag and didn’t charge them,” Sanders said. “The mom told me she sat with her children around a table, read the book with a box of tissues, and it became a cherished memory for their family.”

Main Street Books has been in St. Helena since 1982. It closed due to declining sales.

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